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Hartlepool Conservatives has been building it's profile and campaigning over the last 30 years led by a solid group of committed activists. We have focused at all times on what residents in Hartlepool need and our team has grown and evolved, empowered by the leadership to engage with more and more people to bring more and more support for policies that will further advance the Borough.

In 2021, Hartlepool Conservatives delivered a campaign that promoted real solutions to some of the biggest challenges faced by our community. We challenged the notion that the way things are is the way things should always be, and are proud to be a force for positive transformation.

Such was the response to our positive messaging, that we went from 4 sitting Councillors to 13, becoming the largest political group in Hartlepool Borough Council. Now in 2022, the election increased our Councillor numbers to 14, a number we wish to increase further in 2023.

Sadly in 2023, we lost a number of seats, reducing our number back to 13 and we saw a great number of independent Councillors replaced by Labours candidates - a direct response we feel to the national strain we feel due to the cost of living crisis - caused by the international turmoil due to war in Ukraine, the aftermath of Covid-19 lockdowns and the energy crisis that has literally brought residents to breaking point. We know that times have been hard, but trust us when we say that the Conservative Party locally, regionally and nationally are delivering on a firm plan to reduce inflation and interest rates and stabilise the economy.

We have already seen what our plan has done in reducing inflation by 40% - this is due to our strong fiscal abilities in the Treasury and a vision that has seen us avoid recession - against a backdrop of countries like Germany who have been in recession for 5 months as of October 2023 - when the UK has been showing green shoots of growth.

Locally we are reviving the town and wish to continue to grow our councillor base in the coming years to increasingly build upon our strong and positive message. 

Please support us in the 2024 local elections by returning Conservative Councillors who have been the real reason for our £180m investment to date.

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