Ray Martin-Wells vacated his Rural West Seat back in May 2018 after a fantastic tenure in public office. Highlights include the successful navigation of the full council budget for his duration as Chair of Audit and Governance amidst some of the most hard hitting cuts that local authorities have seen for some time to the successful High Court ruling that he secured resulting in much needed health services remaining at Hartlepool Hospital and the overseeing of the transfer of Urgent Care Services from the One Life Centre to Hartlepool Hospital, giving back a key services to that facility.

In the by-election held thereafter, Mike Young was duly elected to the Council having been originally nominated by Ray Martin-Wells and accepted for selection by the wider association. Mike has hit the ground running and commented after his first month in to the role,

“I have been busy working with residents in the ward, visiting people in all areas including the more rural farms across the A19. My attendance at Dalton Piercy, Elwick and Greatham Parish Council meetings along with the hard working Park Residents Association meeting have given me an insight into what the area expects, needs and I will be looking at ways in which I can be of use – working with council officers in the interests of positive outcomes.”

Mike has made fantastic progress with key support opportunities within the ward and received fantastic help during his campaign by local activists, Councillor Loynes, Ray Martin-Wells, Andrew Martin-Wells new Campaign Manager Veronica Nicholson, By Election Assistant Campaign Manager Cameron Stokell, Den Loynes, Dave Nicholson, Carl Jackson, Abigail Jackson, Christine Marshall, Martyn Robertshaw, Laura Marshall and Councillors from further afield – Jacob Young from Middlesbrough and Matthew Vickers from Stockton. Finally Mike was very happy to receive help at his final action day from Tees Valley Mayor Ben Houchen who was very keen to support and find ways of helping in the future.

Mike along with Councillors Brenda Loynes and George Morris will be looking to continue with the pragmatic work that has gone on beforehand and bring about the best possible outcomes for ward and town residents.


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