Carl Jackson – Conservative MP Candidate

We were excited to select Carl Jackson as our parliamentary candidate just over a week ago.

We asked Carl to outline his vision for Hartlepool outlining his campaign plan for the General Election.

I am proud to be the Conservative candidate for Hartlepool.

Over the next month, I look forward to making the case that only the Conservative Party offers the credible, experienced leadership this country needs to achieve the best Brexit for Britain, and to forge new trade relationships with the rest of the world.

Like most Hartlepudlians, I voted for Brexit and believe that it offers huge opportunities for the town and for the North East as a whole. However, to get the right deal in Brussels over the next 2 years, we need Theresa May in charge of the negotiations, not Jeremy Corbyn.

I look forward to hearing more about your views between now and June 8th.

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