It is important as I start this new role as Councillor ensuring that residents are aware of what a great privilege and honour it is for me to have been elected. I have been involved in Conservative local and national politics for some 5 or even maybe 6 years now and have experience of local and general election campaigning always being proactive, determined, resolute and passionate about how Conservatives can make a difference for people in Hartlepool. I think you will also share some sympathy with me when you consider that I have knocked doors in all 11 wards in the town and taken the brunt of some often startling comments from residents in those areas.

I have fought as a prominent campaign officer in the last two general elections, with the last one bringing us the best result for a Conservative MP Candidate for 25 years and what an MP Carl Jackson would have been for this town. Missed opportunity I think!

I cannot tell you the number of miles I walked or doors we knocked on or leaflets I delivered along with our amazing team of activists, but I think my message here is that I work hard.

I currently work in education and within a learning support base at a school in Middlesbrough. I am passionate about supporting students who are finding things tough, or who are suffering disaffection or wider issues. I have a long and evidenced charity background, which has seen some incredible funds raised to support the regeneration of the town and I am even now involved in charitable organisations in the town that provide care services to some of the most vulnerable people in our society.

I want to support residents in their pursuit of a better deal for Rural West and I will do this by listening to concerns raised, working with local
government officers and officials in the best interests of that pursuit.

Thank you so much to those Rural West Ward residents for electing me to the position of Councillor and if you wish to get in touch with me, my details are below and I sincerely look forward to hearing from you.

Mike Young
07988 256040

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