Hello everyone, I thought it might be worth me introducing myself. I must admit that I feel the need for more regular updates about what Councillors and the wider Association are doing.

Ray Martin-Wells, George Morris and I have served the ward well and have always striven to be the best representatives for the ward that we possibly can be and now with Mike Young taking over from Ray, we will continue to be supportive of all local residents.

We will continue to be a positive voice for the ward and town and with that in mind, we would welcome residents to help shape our direction. The Rural West Ward has a very large geography and we would like to hear in a more direct and open way. With this in mind, we hope you enjoy reading the content of our website and would ask that you might complete the short survey on the link found here www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/NKV5SDD.

Cllr Brenda Loynes
Conservative Group Leader


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