We have Conservatives activists working hard in other wards of the town. Projects that they have been assisting with include the unsafe exit from Queensbury Avenue on to Elwick Road in the Burn Valley Ward. After sharing the information with Council officers, it has been requested that the street be reviewed and considered to be classed as a one way street moving in the direction from Elwick Road to Park Road. Further updates will be supplied as and when they are received.

We have also been working within the Victoria Ward in support of some disabled residents and is working with the council to try and get better gritting services for those with mobility and access issues so that these can be better planned for before winter sets in.

Finally, there have been positive conversations with the council around the potential installation of a controlled crossing on West View Road, across the dual carriageway from the playground to where the former community police hub used to be.  Updates will be passed on as they develop.


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