Transport is a very key issue for those living in the more rural areas of the ward and although some issues have been raised we would like to use this leaflet to address our record on transport in the ward. It is true that services to Dalton Piercy and West Park were scheduled to stop on 3rd September 2018 (now looking more likely to be the end of the year) but the context in the Independent Candidates’ leaflet was lacking in any real fact.

The truth is that your local Conservative Councillors over the past 7 years have been paying approximately £14,000 to support the  transportation plan for the whole Rural West Ward. The service was deemed by the contractor, however, to be not worth the undertaking at a number of meetings over the years. We also need to be careful amidst the legal landscape of allocating any further contracts ensuring correct due diligence is delivered to avoid any conflict of interest with potential suppliers.

Given all of this information, your local ward Councillors are planning to meet and support a wider action plan that will hopefully result in a service once again being provided to the whole of our ward.

If you have any queries or concerns about the future of transport, please email:, or

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