One of our key Councillor commitments is to work hard and support residents who live within the villages. In the last few months we have been involved with all of the Parish Councils and have ensured that issues regarding highways, beautification, water works and signage matters have been addressed by the officers of Hartlepool Borough Council.  

In Elwick, your ward councillors have worked hard to keep you informed of the major developments relating to the new proposed by-pass. This is a complex development as you know but it is anticipated that it will bring about an extremely large reduction in transport through the village, whilst supporting the new housing estate developments that are scheduled to continue.

We were also very grateful as a council with the support received and agreed by Tees Valley Conservative Mayor—Ben Houchen, when he approved a further £4m of support to the project.

In Greatham, we have been working with residents and asking them about the concerns they have in the area. Some matters raised have been in relation to the removal of significant amounts of concrete waste as a result of improvement works carried out by tenants. We were grateful to the team at Thirteen Group for their assistance in this matter.

We were also very pleased to support the addition of a new item for the children’s play park.

Dalton Piercy are receiving ongoing roadworks on the entrance at the Elwick Road end of the village. The drains will be tested before the finalisation of the road surface is laid.

Newton Bewley are still experiencing issues regarding the speed and sound of the road. These are complex and long-term ongoing issues. A meeting in September will hope to bring about some progress and residents will be informed of any updates.

Wynyard has now received a high number of additional houses on the north side of the A689. We are working hard to find a way of installing a  controlled crossing across the A689 between Wynyard Village and Wynyard Park.

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