HCA AGM 2019

We had a very positive AGM for Hartlepool Conservatives this evening. Our existing Chairman, Ray Martin-Wells welcomed all members and thanked them for their support during what has been a very changeable year, not least due to he himself standing down as a Councillor. He welcomed new Councillor Mike Young to the role and wished him well as he continued in his position.

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Following this, thanks was bestowed wholeheartedly on to Councillor Dr George Morris, who he warmly reflected upon his career as a Councillor following his decision to stand down this year, sharing that

“George has been a huge and valuable part of the success regarding Hartlepool Conservative Association. I remember when I was elected to become Chairman again some four years ago and how much time, support and positive words were shared. He has done so much for the town in his career and as a Councillor. This must be commended and I know that as Freeman of the town of Hartlepool he will continue to hold an extremely keen interest in all the goes on.”

A spontaneous standing ovation with much applause followed and it was clear that everyone has admired, respected and enjoyed the way George has delivered for the people of Rural West Ward and the town as a whole.

Cameron Stokell a politics student from Hartlepool will be the candidate for the upcoming local election in Rural West.

The rest of the business of the AGM was conducted in the usual amicable and democratic way, with unanimous votes across the board, apart from one point of business when a member chose to abstain.

All officers were elected without challenge, with Ray Martin-Wells continuing as Constituency Chairman for a further year at the request of the Association and will full support from Northern Regional Conservative Headquarters. Members are grateful for Ray’s continued evenhanded approach to the business of the association.

The meeting closed at 7.31pm.


Over the last two weeks, the Independent Union, along with the Hartlepool Conservative party, have entered into dialogue with members of every group and individual independent Councillor in an attempt to reach a comprise going forward.

On 9th May I U and Conservatives formed a formal Coalition, we were joined a member of VAPP several days later.

Naturally, it is not always possible to reach an agreement with everyone, but we have throughout the process been fair and honest. We have offered to share out the Chair, Vice-chair and committee places evenly among all parties following the rules clearly set out in the council constitution but always ignored by Labour.

It is therefore disappointing that the Hartlepool Labour party have used the excuse that they won’t work alongside the conservatives to avoid taking up any Chair or Vice-chair positions.

The truth is, Labour’s own Constitution prevents them from taking these positions when not in control.

We would under normal circumstances never reveal private discussions with other groups; however, in light of numerous statements made by Labour, they have left us with little choice.

On Tuesday the 7th of May a senior Conservative party member was invited to a now senior Labour members home where Chair and Vice-chair positions were offered to the Conservative group in return for Conservative support in propping up a failing Labour Council.

The Conservatives declined those positions in that meeting and made it clear they intended to support the Independent Union. We have proof of this meeting if Labour chooses to deny these facts.

We reiterate that we want to put party politics aside and work with all groups and individuals for the good of the town, but any attempt to re-write history or the facts will be corrected.

Cllr Shane Moore Cllr Mike Young