We are very excited to invite you to our next coffee morning, held at The Duke of Cleveland, Church Walk, Hartlepool on Thursday, September 27th at 11.00am.

The coffee mornings are a great chance for members and indeed non members to share socially about their experiences relating to the town and to offer information about the local Conservative Party to those who are keen to find out more.

If you wish to find out more about the coffee morning, or you want to know how you can support the Conservative vision for Hartlepool, please contact us via our message system on our Facebook page found here: www.fb.com/HartlepoolCF.


One of our key Councillor commitments is to work hard and support residents who live within the villages. In the last few months we have been involved with all of the Parish Councils and have ensured that issues regarding highways, beautification, water works and signage matters have been addressed by the officers of Hartlepool Borough Council.  

In Elwick, your ward councillors have worked hard to keep you informed of the major developments relating to the new proposed by-pass. This is a complex development as you know but it is anticipated that it will bring about an extremely large reduction in transport through the village, whilst supporting the new housing estate developments that are scheduled to continue.

We were also very grateful as a council with the support received and agreed by Tees Valley Conservative Mayor—Ben Houchen, when he approved a further £4m of support to the project.

In Greatham, we have been working with residents and asking them about the concerns they have in the area. Some matters raised have been in relation to the removal of significant amounts of concrete waste as a result of improvement works carried out by tenants. We were grateful to the team at Thirteen Group for their assistance in this matter.

We were also very pleased to support the addition of a new item for the children’s play park.

Dalton Piercy are receiving ongoing roadworks on the entrance at the Elwick Road end of the village. The drains will be tested before the finalisation of the road surface is laid.

Newton Bewley are still experiencing issues regarding the speed and sound of the road. These are complex and long-term ongoing issues. A meeting in September will hope to bring about some progress and residents will be informed of any updates.

Wynyard has now received a high number of additional houses on the north side of the A689. We are working hard to find a way of installing a  controlled crossing across the A689 between Wynyard Village and Wynyard Park.


If there has been a recurring theme across the whole of Rural West Ward in the last few months it has been grass cutting and weed killing. Photographs have been landing in Councillors’ email inboxes that show some really disappointing sights and it has been a very significant and consistent campaign by Parish Councils, residents groups and your ward Councillors to find a swift and effective
solution to this ongoing problem.

The key message from Hartlepool Borough Council has been just as consistent. A shortage in staff resources has had a very significant impact on these works being carried out across the town.

The response from the local authority has in recent weeks been to add a further 8 temporary staff to the existing 5 environmental operatives and to begin a Apprenticeship programme for a further 12 employees. This has been welcomed by your ward Councillors and we hope that this will result in a more expedient approach to the maintenance of public areas across the ward and wider town. As one resident correctly suggested,

“it makes the whole area unsightly and causes people to want to move out of the town.”

As part of the work that is ongoing through the local authority, officers have confirmed that the stage-two process of herbicide treatment is happening across the town and the key message is that the new employees will be starting as soon as they are recruited. Until then the local authority are aiming to cut grass in the ward every 10 to 14 days.

The weather has played its part in all of this but it is important that for the future that the local authority plan in additional seasonal workers across the summer months so that these issues do not arise again. We as your ward Councillors will continue to monitor the situation so as to avoid issues as shown in the picture below.