Cameron Stokell Chosen As Hart Ward By-Election Candidate

Cameron Stokell – Hart By-Election Candidate

Since 2016 Cameron Stokell, 19, has been involved in the youth movement of the Conservative Party and in 2017 took a very strong interest in helping with the General Election.

Since then, Cameron has been very proactive in supporting local elections and by-elections in the town and in the last by election for Rural West  was co-Campaign Manager along with Ray Martin-Wells supporting the delivery of a wider online strategy and canvassing the area.

His interests include the sport of field hockey, which he plays at university and has been apart of the England Single System as well as studying Politics at Sheffield Hallam University where he is going in to his first year. This will not detract from his ability to serve as a Councillor as he is very politically active and has very good ideas to support Hartlepool. A mature and well rounded individual who has a lot of fantastic attributes that will stand him in good stead for his planned career in politics.

Due to the recent calling of Hart by-election in response to former Cllr Paul Beck standing down, Ray Martin-Wells nominated Cameron Stokell as the council candidate and he was unanimously accepted as such by the HCA Executive.

We wish Cameron every success in the by-election and for the future.

Vote Conservative in Hart Ward on October 11th 2018.

Councillor Mike Young Elected as Chair of Licensing

Councillor Mike Young was elected to the position of Chair of Licensing on Thursday, 13th September 2018 at the first full council meeting after summer recess. Cllr Young said;


I am incredibly happy to have been elected unopposed to this position and of course to have been chosen to sit on the other six committees presented by the Chief Executives in her management report yesterday. I have agreed with my full-time employer a flexible working arrangement that will allow me to attend a large proportion of the meetings scheduled.


Cllr Brenda Loynes, Group Leader for the Conservative Party and Chair of Audit & Governance said that she was extremely happy to have supported Cllr Young and was not surprised that he was elected unopposed.

The full council meeting was convened at 7pm on Thursday and all of the business was concluded by 7.19pm – some say in record time. Hartlepool Conservative Association would like to congratulate Mike on his successful first two months of office and that they are incredibly pleased with the work he has undertaken and the enthusiasm he has shown in all projects and ward work.

Cllr Young will also sit as a committee member on:

Cleveland Fire Authority Committee
Finance & Policy Committee
Regeneration Services Committee
Adult Services Committee
Planning Committee
Central & South Community Forum


We are very excited to invite you to our next coffee morning, held at The Duke of Cleveland, Church Walk, Hartlepool on Thursday, September 27th at 11.00am.

The coffee mornings are a great chance for members and indeed non members to share socially about their experiences relating to the town and to offer information about the local Conservative Party to those who are keen to find out more.

If you wish to find out more about the coffee morning, or you want to know how you can support the Conservative vision for Hartlepool, please contact us via our message system on our Facebook page found here:


One of our key Councillor commitments is to work hard and support residents who live within the villages. In the last few months we have been involved with all of the Parish Councils and have ensured that issues regarding highways, beautification, water works and signage matters have been addressed by the officers of Hartlepool Borough Council.  

In Elwick, your ward councillors have worked hard to keep you informed of the major developments relating to the new proposed by-pass. This is a complex development as you know but it is anticipated that it will bring about an extremely large reduction in transport through the village, whilst supporting the new housing estate developments that are scheduled to continue.

We were also very grateful as a council with the support received and agreed by Tees Valley Conservative Mayor—Ben Houchen, when he approved a further £4m of support to the project.

In Greatham, we have been working with residents and asking them about the concerns they have in the area. Some matters raised have been in relation to the removal of significant amounts of concrete waste as a result of improvement works carried out by tenants. We were grateful to the team at Thirteen Group for their assistance in this matter.

We were also very pleased to support the addition of a new item for the children’s play park.

Dalton Piercy are receiving ongoing roadworks on the entrance at the Elwick Road end of the village. The drains will be tested before the finalisation of the road surface is laid.

Newton Bewley are still experiencing issues regarding the speed and sound of the road. These are complex and long-term ongoing issues. A meeting in September will hope to bring about some progress and residents will be informed of any updates.

Wynyard has now received a high number of additional houses on the north side of the A689. We are working hard to find a way of installing a  controlled crossing across the A689 between Wynyard Village and Wynyard Park.


If there has been a recurring theme across the whole of Rural West Ward in the last few months it has been grass cutting and weed killing. Photographs have been landing in Councillors’ email inboxes that show some really disappointing sights and it has been a very significant and consistent campaign by Parish Councils, residents groups and your ward Councillors to find a swift and effective
solution to this ongoing problem.

The key message from Hartlepool Borough Council has been just as consistent. A shortage in staff resources has had a very significant impact on these works being carried out across the town.

The response from the local authority has in recent weeks been to add a further 8 temporary staff to the existing 5 environmental operatives and to begin a Apprenticeship programme for a further 12 employees. This has been welcomed by your ward Councillors and we hope that this will result in a more expedient approach to the maintenance of public areas across the ward and wider town. As one resident correctly suggested,

“it makes the whole area unsightly and causes people to want to move out of the town.”

As part of the work that is ongoing through the local authority, officers have confirmed that the stage-two process of herbicide treatment is happening across the town and the key message is that the new employees will be starting as soon as they are recruited. Until then the local authority are aiming to cut grass in the ward every 10 to 14 days.

The weather has played its part in all of this but it is important that for the future that the local authority plan in additional seasonal workers across the summer months so that these issues do not arise again. We as your ward Councillors will continue to monitor the situation so as to avoid issues as shown in the picture below.



Transport is a very key issue for those living in the more rural areas of the ward and although some issues have been raised we would like to use this leaflet to address our record on transport in the ward. It is true that services to Dalton Piercy and West Park were scheduled to stop on 3rd September 2018 (now looking more likely to be the end of the year) but the context in the Independent Candidates’ leaflet was lacking in any real fact.

The truth is that your local Conservative Councillors over the past 7 years have been paying approximately £14,000 to support the  transportation plan for the whole Rural West Ward. The service was deemed by the contractor, however, to be not worth the undertaking at a number of meetings over the years. We also need to be careful amidst the legal landscape of allocating any further contracts ensuring correct due diligence is delivered to avoid any conflict of interest with potential suppliers.

Given all of this information, your local ward Councillors are planning to meet and support a wider action plan that will hopefully result in a service once again being provided to the whole of our ward.

If you have any queries or concerns about the future of transport, please email:, or


It is important as I start this new role as Councillor ensuring that residents are aware of what a great privilege and honour it is for me to have been elected. I have been involved in Conservative local and national politics for some 5 or even maybe 6 years now and have experience of local and general election campaigning always being proactive, determined, resolute and passionate about how Conservatives can make a difference for people in Hartlepool. I think you will also share some sympathy with me when you consider that I have knocked doors in all 11 wards in the town and taken the brunt of some often startling comments from residents in those areas.

I have fought as a prominent campaign officer in the last two general elections, with the last one bringing us the best result for a Conservative MP Candidate for 25 years and what an MP Carl Jackson would have been for this town. Missed opportunity I think!

I cannot tell you the number of miles I walked or doors we knocked on or leaflets I delivered along with our amazing team of activists, but I think my message here is that I work hard.

I currently work in education and within a learning support base at a school in Middlesbrough. I am passionate about supporting students who are finding things tough, or who are suffering disaffection or wider issues. I have a long and evidenced charity background, which has seen some incredible funds raised to support the regeneration of the town and I am even now involved in charitable organisations in the town that provide care services to some of the most vulnerable people in our society.

I want to support residents in their pursuit of a better deal for Rural West and I will do this by listening to concerns raised, working with local
government officers and officials in the best interests of that pursuit.

Thank you so much to those Rural West Ward residents for electing me to the position of Councillor and if you wish to get in touch with me, my details are below and I sincerely look forward to hearing from you.

Mike Young
07988 256040


Ray Martin-Wells vacated his Rural West Seat back in May 2018 after a fantastic tenure in public office. Highlights include the successful navigation of the full council budget for his duration as Chair of Audit and Governance amidst some of the most hard hitting cuts that local authorities have seen for some time to the successful High Court ruling that he secured resulting in much needed health services remaining at Hartlepool Hospital and the overseeing of the transfer of Urgent Care Services from the One Life Centre to Hartlepool Hospital, giving back a key services to that facility.

In the by-election held thereafter, Mike Young was duly elected to the Council having been originally nominated by Ray Martin-Wells and accepted for selection by the wider association. Mike has hit the ground running and commented after his first month in to the role,

“I have been busy working with residents in the ward, visiting people in all areas including the more rural farms across the A19. My attendance at Dalton Piercy, Elwick and Greatham Parish Council meetings along with the hard working Park Residents Association meeting have given me an insight into what the area expects, needs and I will be looking at ways in which I can be of use – working with council officers in the interests of positive outcomes.”

Mike has made fantastic progress with key support opportunities within the ward and received fantastic help during his campaign by local activists, Councillor Loynes, Ray Martin-Wells, Andrew Martin-Wells new Campaign Manager Veronica Nicholson, By Election Assistant Campaign Manager Cameron Stokell, Den Loynes, Dave Nicholson, Carl Jackson, Abigail Jackson, Christine Marshall, Martyn Robertshaw, Laura Marshall and Councillors from further afield – Jacob Young from Middlesbrough and Matthew Vickers from Stockton. Finally Mike was very happy to receive help at his final action day from Tees Valley Mayor Ben Houchen who was very keen to support and find ways of helping in the future.

Mike along with Councillors Brenda Loynes and George Morris will be looking to continue with the pragmatic work that has gone on beforehand and bring about the best possible outcomes for ward and town residents.



Hello everyone, I thought it might be worth me introducing myself. I must admit that I feel the need for more regular updates about what Councillors and the wider Association are doing.

Ray Martin-Wells, George Morris and I have served the ward well and have always striven to be the best representatives for the ward that we possibly can be and now with Mike Young taking over from Ray, we will continue to be supportive of all local residents.

We will continue to be a positive voice for the ward and town and with that in mind, we would welcome residents to help shape our direction. The Rural West Ward has a very large geography and we would like to hear in a more direct and open way. With this in mind, we hope you enjoy reading the content of our website and would ask that you might complete the short survey on the link found here

Cllr Brenda Loynes
Conservative Group Leader